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Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chickens | Amazingly Handsome Egg Producers

By far the Wyandotte Chicken is one of the most beautiful breeds in existence.

She is tolerant of hot summers and can survive brutal winters.

They lay well and makes a good mother to her chicks. They tend and fuss with them until they are old enough to be on their own.

Although at one time their future was very uncertain, they have made a huge comeback in recent years.

Their calm and docile nature has impressed many backyard chicken keepers.

Wyandottes remain wildly popular in the mid-West states where they regularly win ribbons and rosettes in the poultry shows.

Overall this is a stunning low maintenance breed that does not require much in the way of care.

Food, water, accommodation and she is all set.

Let us know in the comments section below if you keep Wyandottes in your flock

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chickens Everything You Need To Know

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The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is a type of Wyandotte chicken known for its adorable appearance.

Although the variety is newer in the United States of America in comparison to other varieties of Wyandotte chicken, it has gained fast popularity because of its stunning plumage.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens.

If you plan to add this variety to your backyard flock, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more.

Facts About This Breed

  • The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken was developed in the United States.
  • This specific coloring is not an officially recognized variety.
  • Unfortunately due to their fluff they have a relatively low fertility rate.
  • Good quality chicks can cost up to $40 each.
  • As they have a rose comb it is very rare for them to get frostbite.
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    Problems In Raising Wyandotte Chickens

    Wyandotte chicken can be raised easily, and they have only a few disadvantages.

    For the first time when you interact with the Wyandotte chicken, dealing with their personality is a major issue.

    Most of the hens are mostly quiet in nature, but the Wyandotte are too talkative.

    They make a lot of noise while laying eggs, and it occurs throughout the day, which is a major issue.

    Roosters also make a lot of noise. All chickens make noise, but the Wyandotte is known to be a bit more vocal and boisterous.

    What Age Do Blue Laced Red Wyandottes Start Laying

    Image result for blue laced red wyandotte cockerel

    The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte will start laying eggs by 16-20 weeks and will continue to lay through the cold season.

    Because of their tolerance to colder climates. Healthy and productive hens are considered the ultimate winter layers in the chicken world as they continue to produce eggs when other chickens stop laying.

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    Is The Golden Laced Wyandotte Right For You

    If you want an all-American chicken that lays well and can handle the cold, the Wyandotte may be for you.

    The Golden lacing of the bird certainly attracts many comments as it is quite stunning especially when highlighted by the sun. The clarity and depth of the lacing will vary from strain to strain as always you get what you pay for.

    Wyandottes are never in a hurry, they take life at their own pace. The only exception to this is when treats are involved, but even then they dont exactly go wild.

    They are docile, so are tolerant of children, but they are not a chicken that enjoys lap time or cuddling. This type of personality makes for ease of handling especially for newcomers.

    As we mentioned before they have quite strong personalities and do not tolerate being bullied, this usually puts them near the top of the pecking order.

    They are not bullies though they prefer their own kind and will stick together ignoring other birds unless there is a problem.

    She will do well enough in a confined space but is a great forager if allowed out and about. They can be a bit on the noisy side if you have a bunch of them, so close neighbors might be a problem.

    They make great 4H project hens and are known to do well in competition and exhibition venues.

    Wyandotte Chicken: Care Guide Color Varieties And More

    The Wyandotte is a true American breed.

    She was created during the late 1800s and was bred to withstand the harsh northern winters.

    While they are not overly affectionate they will provide you with lots of eggs and free pest control if you allow them to free range.

    The Wyandotte chicken is not a bird that needs to be fussed over.

    She is quite content with the basics of life .

    Has this beautiful large chicken caught your eye with their dazzling plumage?

    Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Americas most eye catching chickens

    Contents and Quick Navigation

    Wyandottes are a stunning American chicken.

    The patterning of their feathers alone is enough reason to have a couple of these ladies in your flock.

    Silver Laced Wyandottes were one of the first American breeds to be created and even today still remain one of the most visually attractive chickens around.

    She is a dual purpose breed that will lay around 3-4 light brown eggs each week.

    As a heritage bird they grow slower than their hybrid counterparts and their egg laying is slightly delayed too they wont start laying eggs until they are 20 weeks old .

    Hens are not known to be broody but every now and then one will surprise you they make very diligent sitters and great mothers.

    Wyandotte Chickens appear a bit reserved as they are very calm and docile flock members.

    They prefer to be with their own kind and are a bit aloof with other breeds.


    Why We Love This Breed

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    Is The Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte Right For Your Backyard Flock

    Its for you if:

  • Youre looking for a large chicken breed for meat production.
  • You want a friendly and docile chicken.
  • Youre looking for a good layer of brown eggs.
  • You live in a moderate climate.
  • If you think this breed is the right chicken for you, then why not start with a few chickens? You can get a chick in many different hatcheries and through many other breeders. Like with the Golden laced Wyandottes, Blue Laced Gold variety can also make a great addition to your flock.

    How To Breed Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chickens

    Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes are a hybrid chicken, so they cannot be bred true. This means that their chicks will not necessarily inherit the blue and gold plumage of their parents. If you want to breed Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes, you may find success by following a similar process for breeding blue-laced red wyandottes. However, most keepers find it much easier to purchase them from a reputable breeder.

    Then, like other chickens, they need a dry, clean place to nest and lay their eggs. Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes will also need a good quality diet and plenty of fresh water.

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    Buying From A Hatchery

    You can buy Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks from the numerous hatcheries that are located around the United States. One advantage of buying from a hatchery is that you can call around and ask the managers about the specific strains that they have.

    Some strains of chickens may have particular features that you want. If you do or dont want hens that go broody more often, you can ask the producer what their breeding stock is like.

    If you want a strain that is less independent or is more friendly, you can ask multiple hatcheries about their hens.

    Buying Chicks From A Farm Or Feed Store

    Another alternative is to buy chicks at a feed or farm store. When you do this, make sure that the place you are buying from has healthy, perky-looking chicks. Resist the urge to rehabilitate a chick that is looking sickly, since this almost never ends with a healthy chicken.

    If the farm store doesnt provide clean, well-tended brooders for their chicks, you probably want to find a place that takes better care of their animals. Small chicks could be incubating an illness that they caught from dirty or overcrowded brooders, and you dont want to take a chance on that.

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    What Is It Like To Own A Wyandotte

    They may be a large bird but they enjoy being active.

    You will often find them searching and hunting up bugs, seeds and other tasty things. Scratching in the dirt is a popular activity with the Wyandotte.

    Letting them free range will help to keep them active, engaged and healthy.

    Surprisingly for such a big breed they are quite reserved.

    They prefer the company of their own kind.

    She is not a bully and will only show aggression to other chickens if they are picked on.

    However she can firmly put the aggressor in their place.

    Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes

    Wyandotte Contest! *WINNERS POSTED!*


    Well, it is a Wyandotte firstly.

    But, more specifically, it is a wyandotte that has lacing on the feather. The lacing is Blue, and the feather is Gold. Hence, a Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte .

    There are variations in the lacing, the colour blue and the ground colour gold. You need to know what to expect when breeding these birds, as the BLG variety has some interesting variations.


    The lacing on a Wyandotte should be consistant around the edge of the feather. Show winning birds have a large open feather with a nice laced edge. Not too thick, not too thin. Some people like the lacing to be thicker and some like it thin. Only those showing need be overly concerened about the intricacies of lacing, but everyone should know.


    The colour blue is due to the dilution of Black. It is essentially grey, but in chooks it is termed Blue. Without getting too technical, blue is one dose of diluter working on Black. Two doses dilutes the black to nearly white. This is reffered to as Splash. Lets see some pictures

    BLACK LACEDThis hen is Black Laced Gold . Note the lacing is black.

    BLUE LACEDThe chook below is Blue Laced Gold, note, again, the lacing is blue. In this hen, its quite a dark blue.

    SPLASHThis pullet is a Splash Laced Gold. The black has been doubly diluted, turning it into nearly white, with flecks of blue and black.

    Mating two blue laced birds together will give

    Of 8 chicks hatched,

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    Golden Laced Wyandotte Egg Laying

    Wyandotte hens of any variety are known to be good moms. This means that they love to set on eggs, even those that are not their own!

    They are great at producing eggs, too. The Golden Laced Wyandotte will lay eggs considered medium in size and light brown in color.

    The Golden Laced Wyandotte chicken is considered a good mom as far as chicken hens are concerned, but those who wish to keep Golden Laced Wyandottes often complain that they are quite broody.

    They do not like to give up their eggs for consumption. Keep in mind, however, that some owners say this is a trait that is most common among certain strains of Wyandotte, and your chicken might not necessarily possess this characteristic.

    Wyandotte hens lay up to 200 eggs per year. This equals about four eggs per week. Owners describe the Golden Laced Wyandotte as dependable when it comes to egg production.

    Golden Laced Wyandotte chickens tend to lay all year long, not just during the summer or warmer months. If you have a hen of another breed that wont set on her eggs, the Golden Laced Wyandotte will happily provide incubator services.

    Where Did They Come From

    The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is a fantastic egg layer and their dense feathering allows them to tolerate cold weather, even when temperatures reach below zero!

    But what this breed is well known for is its beauty. Their violet and chestnut coloring with finely laced plumage have led to them becoming one of the most popular American chicken breeds.

    The blue laced Wyandotte bird is a color variety of the Silver Laced Wyandotte, so to better understand how their unique coloring was developed, lets learn about their history

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    History Of Golden Laced Wyandottes

    The Golden Laced Wyandotte is actually a rare breed these days, and this is most likely due to the fact that these chickens fell out of favor when industrial poultry production took over the market.

    However, there are many backyard breeders who love the Golden Laced Wyandotte, and they tout the breed as a perfect addition to their free-range flocks.

    The Golden Laced Wyandotte is related to the Wyandotte breed, a chicken that was noted as a great utility bird, meaning that not only did the chicken lay well, but it was also a breed that was suited for providing meat.

    The original developers of the Wyandotte breed: H.M. Doubleday, L. Whittaker, J. Ray, and F. Houdlette) were poultry experts, and they named the new breed they developed after a local Native American tribe.

    When these men developed the Wyandotte, chickens that lay well usually proved to produce tough meat conversely, chickens that provided better meat often did not produce eggs very well. The Wyandotte was created from many breeds, and no one knows exactly which breeds won out because no records were kept to document such.

    The Golden Laced Wyandotte is actually a cross between the Silver Laced Wyandotte and an unknown chicken breed.

    According to developer Joseph McKeen, who is credited with creating the breed in 1880, the Silver Laced Wyandotte was crossed with a Winnebago, a chicken described as a black-red patterned fowl. In 1888, McKeens breed was accepted to the APA .

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Breed Standard

    Golden Laced Wyandotte: 4-Month-Old Chickens

    The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is an interesting mix of many breeds of chicken. In order to produce the exact effect of this delicate breed, close attention must be paid to breeding.

    However, as the breed has yet to be recognized as official by the APA , there is no breed standard for the chicken.

    With that said, reputable breeders agree that the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte should have the bodily shape of a Wyandotte, with a broad, U-shaped body, yellow legs and beak, and red wattles, face, comb, and earlobes, with the earlobes close to the head.

    Getting the coloring of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte just right is complex. The base red coating must come from a chicken with mahogany red coloring, made from a combination of red enhancing genes and yellow-red pheomelanin.

    The blue lacing is a bit more complex, as two Blue Wyandottes will not breed true blue. Instead, a chicken with the lacing gene and the Andalusian blue gene should be bred with a black chicken to create the true blue lacing necessary for the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. To create a true Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is complicated, overall.

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    Wyandotte Chicken Breed Guide: Eggs Variety Temperament Pictures

    Wyandotte Chicken is a splendid bird that looks very beautiful and comes in several colors.

    This bird has American origin and is popular throughout the world, not only because of its beauty but also because of its productive layers and great backyard companions.

    This article talks in detail about the Wyandotte Chicken, temperament, friendship, egg-producing capacity, and so forth.

    Best Places To Buy Wyandotte Chickens

    Whether youd rather raise chickens for eggs, meat, or as pets, the Wyandotte chicken is an excellent choice. Not only does this illustrious bird lay up to 200 eggs each year, but it also produces a respectable carcass for the dinner table, weighing in, on average, at 7 lbs.

    This bird is a real stunner to look at, too. There are multiple variants of the breed, including the silver-laced, gold-laced, and partridge Wyandotte.

    The result?

    Youll have plenty of colors to choose from when you raise Wyandottes. Luckily, you have plenty of hatcheries to choose from, too. Here are some of the best places to buy Wyandotte chickens.

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    How To Raise Wyandotte Chickens

    Raising Wyandotte chickens can be easy and joyful if you follow the right steps. In fact, you can care for them like other chicken breeds. They dont require much attention or special knowledge but they will need protection from predators. Consider this when setting up their shelter and free range areas.

    Still, there are a few things you should know before raising Wyandotte chickens. 10 Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens for Beginners

    Do Blue Laced Red Wyandottes Tolerate Confinement

    Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte, but is a

    They tolerate confinement quite well but do need a large chicken coop to accommodate their size and some of their attitude! They should be provided a minimum of 6 square feet of coop space per bird.

    Wyandottes do best when they are allowed to free range so give them some time to forage about the yard. It is also a good way for them to find grass to eat, including bits of grit for crop health.

    Although these birds are good foragers they are not fast runners or good flyers they can easily become the victims of both ground and aerial prey. Keep an eye out if your area is frequented by predators or allow Wyandottes to forage in a secure chicken run.

    Part 5: Health

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    Breed Standard And Appearance

    The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is a mix of several chicken breeds. To produce the exact effect of this delicate chicken breed, you will need to pay close attention to breeding.

    Since the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken breed is not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association , there is no breed standard for this bird.

    However, many reputable breeders agree that this chicken should have the bodily shape of the Wyandotte.

    It should have a broad and U-Shaped body, a yellow beak and legs, and red wattles, comb, face, and earlobes. The earlobes should be close to the head.

    It is complex to get the right coloring of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens. The red base coating has to come from a bird with mahogany red coloring, created from yellow-red pheomelanin and red enhancing genes.

    The blue lacing is more complex, as two Blue Wyandottes chickens will not breed true blue. Instead, a bird with the Andalusian blue gene and the lacing gene should be bred with a black chicken in order to create the true blue lacing that is necessary for a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. Generally, it is a bit complicated to create a true Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken.

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