California Chicken Cafe Santa Monica

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California Chicken Cafe Santa Monica


If you’re ever in LA santa Monica area this venue is a must, it may look like a cafe, but it is the best value meal you will get in the area. It was so good my wife even collected a takeaway salad on our…last day. Compared to other restaurants this place is second to none. We ate at another local venue and for pretty much the same meal we paid 3x as much, this can’t be right. California chicken cafe is spot on and the best, don’t be fooled by other restaurants.More

Very good fresh food. The Salads are big and tasty. Loaded with the goods. Avocado & Cobb were ordered at our table. Both were excellent.

See below. Very good food, they just have a difficult time getting orders done correctly. And when it’s rather pricey, that matters a lot.

Very tasty chicken with great selection of side dishes and beverages, it is great to find different options than soda, you could find teas, Jamaica water and lemonade. For the side dishes they have salads with different dressings, mashed potatoes and really good pita bread!…Thumbs up for this place!More

Always a great spot for lunch. This place gets busy and is not too big, but people watching is amazing. Parking is terrible but try to get lucky and get one of only a few parking spots behind. If not, drive up to the next…street and park on the curb.Always good and consistent. Don’t forget the homemade red and green salsas…amazing!!!Hope this helps!More

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