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Ingredients For Grilled Chicken Quarters

How to Grill Chicken Breasts on a Gas Grill | Tips & Techniques

Making this flavorful BBQ chicken is super easy and cheap if youve got a well-stocked pantry!

  • Chicken leg quarters these are large pieces of chicken that are composed of the attached drumstick and thigh, and often come in packages of 4 or 6. You can make them all, or freeze the pieces you dont use for future grilling afternoons!
  • Barbecue sauce your favorite brand or homemade will do
  • Dry rub ingredients you can really tune this to your own personal tastes, but this is what we love in our dry rub!
  • Basting sauce ingredients again, this can be tweaked to your liking
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Kosher salt or sea salt
  • Lime juice fresh is best, but the bottled stuff works too
  • Liquid smoke for that fresh out of the smoker flavor even if youre cooking with gas
  • Sauces For Grilled Chicken Legs

    When grilling chicken drumsticks, marinade isnt necessary, but these are great if you wanna get saucy. Brush your sauce on chicken legs in the last 5 minutes of grilling with the lid open coat both sides right before and after the final turn. Go bold with our famous Buffalo sauce or make bbq chicken drumsticks with our tangy summertime strawberry bbq sauce .

    These naked grilled chicken legs are flavorful as-is, if youd rather take a dip, either the sauces mentioned above will work. Or whip up homemade ranch, a family favorite. Im also partial to combining local honey with my favorite mustard or even hot sauce for hot honey to dip or drizzle on your grilled drumsticks.

    How To Make Bbq Chicken Breasts

    First, place the boneless chicken breasts in a resealable or Ziploc bag. Next, add the olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt, and black pepper.

    Allow the chicken to marinate in the refrigerator overnight. Once the chicken has marinated, remove the breasts from the fridge 30 minutes prior to cooking.

    Next, preheat an outdoor gas or electric grill or grill pan to medium-high heat.Brush the chicken breasts with barbecue sauce, then grill the chicken for four minutes.

    Flip the chicken, brush again with BBQ sauce, then continue to grill for four minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 164 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Finally, remove the chicken from the grill. Brush the chicken with barbecue sauce one last time and allow the flavors to mend and rest for five to ten minutes.

    Slice the chicken and serve. Enjoy!

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    How To Grill Chicken Breasts On A Gas Grill

    Chef Tom fires up the Napoleon Presige P500 to show us How to Grill Chicken Breasts on a Gas Grill.

    Hey everybody. I’m chef Tom with and today on Tips & Techniques we’re going to talk about how to grill chicken breasts on a gas grill. We are getting back to basics. This is gas grilling 101, how to cook a boneless skinless chicken breast on your gas grill. And really what I mean to say is how not to overcook and dry out a boneless skinless chicken breast.

    It’s an honest mistake, one that we’ve all made, but with a few simple tips and techniques, we’re going to make sure that you get juicy flavorful chicken every single time. Now we’ll start by talking about selection of chicken. Generally speaking, you want the least amount of stuff added to your chicken when you’re buying it because it gives you more control over the cooking process. So I’ll look for chicken breasts like these that say on the package no added water or no added solution. And if that’s not an option, just choose something with a lower amount of that water or solution added.

    Now, before we move on to seasoning, I’m just going to take a look around and see if there’s anything that needs trimmed off of the breast. Like this hard material right here that would’ve been around a little knuckle area. It’s just not pleasant to chew on.

    All things barbecue, where barbecue legends are made.

    Are You A Foodie Too

    Gas Grilled Whole Chicken Recipe Spatchcock Style

    Hey home chefs, hope that answers all your questions about making chicken thighs on grills. Also try my baked chicken breast thats seared with a ton of flavor.

    If you dont follow me on instagram you totally should @sipbitego. And for more deliciousness, subscribe to the Sip Bite Go channel and see the Sip Bite Go recipe collection.

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    Should You Pound Chicken Before Grilling

    Before cooking the chicken breasts, make sure they are all the same thickness. Without pounding them, some breasts will cook more quickly than others, resulting in the thinner breasts becoming dried up and the thicker breasts becoming undercooked. Pounding also helps to tenderize the meat, which results in a more tender finished product when cooked.

    How To Grill Chicken On A Gas Grill

    Cooking boneless chicken breasts is seen as one of the easiest bbq skills to master. But slow down there, my grilling friend. There are a few tips that will help turn you from BBQ fan to BBQ pro. Heres how to grill chicken on a gas grill.

    Grilled chicken recipes have long been a staple in our household. Its my favorite meat to cook in some way, with it taking center place in some of my best BBQ recipes. My fondest memories of summer involve cooking up beautiful chicken breasts on our terrace.

    Dont get me wrong, I still love grilled burgers and steaks, but neither come close to chicken for me. Whether its simple chicken burgers or elaborate kebabs, theres a great grilled chicken recipe for any meat-eater.

    But grilling chicken is something that isnt as easy as it looks. They can dry out really quickly, which is enough to leave any BBQ party flat.

    Chicken can easily be cooked on a gas grill at 425°F/220°C. Just grill for 5 minutes on each side, or until the meats internal temperature hits 165°F/75°C.

    The secret to a perfectly grilled chicken doesnt just lie in its time on the grill, but also the preparation time before. With pre-seasoning and brining as crucial a step as any.

    Heres my step-by-step guide to show you how to grill chicken on a gas grill.

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    The Best Part: Serving What Goes With Bbq Chicken:

    When it comes to side dishes for grilled barbecue chicken, I like to keep things super classic. A few of my faves:

    • Ready-Made Classic Potato Salad, Coleslaw, & Macaroni Salad are all available at ALDI my favorite summertime shortcut!
    • Pasta salad Pure summertime food! Try this Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad or this Creamy Southwest Pasta Salad theyre both always a hit.
    • Grilled veggies No summer plate is complete without some grilled veggies. Grill up some corn on the cob, peppers & onions, or sweet potatoes!
    • Panzanella Another one of my summertime favorites. This recipe is perfect since youll already have the grill fired up for your BBQ chicken.

    My ideal plate? A Grilled BBQ Chicken Bowl! Dice up your chicken & serve it over greens & quinoa, with grilled veggies, a little sharp cheddar, & some guac for good measure. Weeknight dinner perfection!

    I cant wait for you to try this Grilled Barbecue Chicken recipe. Its so classic, totally easy, & Im certain that itll be a staple at your house once you master it this summer!

    If you do give it a try, be sure to let me know! Leave a comment with a star rating below. You can also snap a photo & tag @playswellwithbutter on . I LOVE hearing about & seeing your PWWB creations! Happy cooking!

    • Total Time:12 hours
    • Yield:serves 6-8 1x
    • Category:Main Dishes, Chicken Recipes
    • Method:Grilling & Smoking

    for the grilled BBQ chicken dry rub:

    Heres A Quick And Easy Recipe For Grilled Chicken Breast Thats Perfect For Summertime Grilling:

    How to Make Grilled Chicken Wings | Weber Genesis Gas Grill | Barlow BBQ


    – 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts

    – 1/4 cup olive oil

    – 1/4 teaspoon black pepper


  • In a large resealable bag, combine all of the ingredients. Seal the bag and turn to coat the chicken in the marinade.
  • Place the bag in the refrigerator and let the chicken marinate for at least 30 minutes, or up to 24 hours.
  • When youre ready to grill, preheat your gas or charcoal grill to medium-high heat.
  • Remove the chicken from the marinade and pat dry with paper towels. Place the chicken on the grilling rack and cook for about 4 minutes per side, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Serve immediately, garnished with fresh herbs if desired. Enjoy!
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    Grill Over Indirect Heat

    I know our tendency when grilling is to cook hot and fast from start to finish, but we can tear a page out of the low and slow playbook to really improve the overall texture and tenderness of our grilled chicken breast. The key is to bring the chicken up to temperature over indirect heat. This means you have direct heat going on half of your grill and no heat on the other half.

    Your chicken breasts are going to be grilled on the indirect heat side of your grill where the heat is circulating and cooking the chicken without charring the outside edges of the chicken or burning those thin ends to a crisp before the middle is done. Your overall grill temperature should be hovering around 350 degrees F. This means you will have juicy, flavorful chicken from edge to edge!

    Use a great internal thermometer in the thickest part of your chicken breast to check the temperature of your chicken as it cooks. I recommend an instant read thermometer from ThermoWorks. Your target temperature for this indirect cooking step is 150-155 degrees F before moving on to the next step. If you can keep your grill temperature at 350 degrees F, depending on the size of your chicken, this should take about 20-25 minutes.

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    Tip #: Preheat The Gas Grill

    Before you prepare any food, make sure your gas grill is in good condition. You dont want to cook chicken on a rusty grill that is underperforming. Instead, consider investing in new gas grills to bring the best flavours out of your food.

    Preheat the grill to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is where you want it. The grill needs to be hot and fired up when you drop on the chicken.

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    How To Make The Best Grilled Chicken Marinade:

    Its very easy to make this simple chicken marinade. Place the chicken breasts in a storage bag or mixing bowl. Add in all the other marinade ingredients.

    Stir to thoroughly combine the ingredients and then let the chicken marinade for at least 4 hours or overnight works as well. I love putting this chicken with the marinade in the refrigerator in the morning and then its ready to grill when its dinner time!

    Then use all of our grilling tips to grill the chicken breasts perfectly!

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    How To Grill The Perfect Chicken Kabo

    Grilled Whole Chicken on a Gas Grill

    It is best to preheat the grill to 375 degrees Fahrenheit when preparing chicken kabobs. They can take anywhere from 12-14 minutes to cook through, depending on how large the chicken pieces are. Grill for 10 to 12 minutes on direct heat, rotating 90 degrees every 4 minutes, until the meat is cooked to your liking. Keep the lid open as we cook on direct heat. Allow the kabobs to rest for 3 to 4 minutes before serving.

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    At What Temperature Should I Grill Chicken Wings

    I like to grill the chicken wings at 170-175 degrees F. While this is a higher thickening temperature than recommended by FDA 165, I prefer the texture of the cooked wings to be a little hotter. This higher internal temperature on the wings allows the meat to easily separate from the bone while retaining a delicious flavor.

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    Answers To The Most Common Grilling Questions

    Q. How long does it take to grill chicken?

    A. Always cook by temperature not by time. The size of breasts, wings, thighs and drumsticks varies from bird to bird. Rely on a digital meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. Bone-in products should be cooked to an internal temperature of 180 to 185 F. Boneless, skinless breasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 170 F.

    Q. Can you bake chicken breasts in the oven and finish on the grill?

    A. To do so, you would follow directions for reverse caramelization. Cook chicken in the oven as you usually would. When chicken is 75 to 85% cooked through, finish on a searing hot grill to achieve grill marks. Cooking chicken in the oven before grilling offers an advantage in that the oven will dry out the skin so that when pieces are placed on the grill, they wont stick. If chicken is cooked in a sauce or other liquid, be sure to pat pieces dry before you place them on the grill.

    Q. How do you keep grilled chicken moist?

    A. Dont cook too quickly be patient. If the grill is too hot, meat will tighten, which pushes marinade and natural juices out. Temperature that is too high is the No. 1 reason why chicken dries out. Searing the product first helps to keep moisture inside. Once seared, lower the temperature of the grill and cook slowly.

    Q. Can you grill frozen chicken?

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    Dont Overcook This Is Super Important

    Chicken doesnt take long to cook. If you over cook it, the chicken will be come dry and wont taste great.

    If you pull it off right as the chicken is done, you will have moist and delicious chicken. On average chicken should take about 15 minutes to cook on a gas grill.

    12 minutes if you chicken is thin and 20 minutes if you chicken is thicker.

    You can also use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. The chicken needs to have an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

    I cant stress enough that you do not want to overcook the chicken!

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    What Chicken To Use

    Delicious BBQ Chicken on a Gas Grill – Basic Backyard Grilled Chicken

    Skinless boneless chicken breasts are the choice for this recipe. Due to the fat and different temperature needs, Chicken thighs require a different techniquesee Grilled Chicken Thighs.

    Try to get breasts about the same size if possibleabout 10 to 12 ounces is a good goal, but 8 oz. would be better. Bigger is just harder to cook, and the serving size is large.

    If the breasts are thicker than ¾ inches, you should flatten them with a meat mallet or heavy pan. With grilling, the thickness of the meat will determine the cooking time more than weight.

    If the chicken is frozen, it must be thawed before proceeding. I also suggest brining if previously frozen since they tend to be dryer.

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    Grilling Tips For Success

    For juicy, tender wings that are perfectly charred, keep these tips in mind:

    • Allow the grill to heat properly. The grates on the grill should already be hot before you add the chicken to the grill.
    • Shake off excess marinade before grilling. As you pull the wings out, using a pair of tongs, give them a shake to get rid of excess wet marinade. This will help the meat develop a good sear as the wings cook.
    • Keep the grill covered, but be sure to rotate and flip the wings every 3 to 5 minutes for even charring and to prevent burning.

    If Youve Got 30 Seconds And A Blender Youve Got Homemade Herb Sauce

    The best spatchcock chicken recipe is only as good as the herbs and spices that flavor it, and this easy, creamy garlic-and-herb sauce is what pushes the particular whole chicken recipe into overdrive. A whole spatchcocked chicken, fresh off the grill and carved at the table while its still steaming and juicy, served with this garlicky, bright, basil-y sauce for dipping and slathering and drizzlingwell, lets just say that itll make even the newbiest of new home cooks look like a master. And the best part? You just toss a bunch of fresh herbs in a blender with some mayo and lemon juice and give it a whirl. Herb saucemade.

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    Why This Bbq Chicken With Marinade Is The Best Recipe

    • Effortless and so easy: Once the chicken has marinated overnight and the grill has been fired up, the barbecue chicken is cooked in no time and ready in less than 30 minutes!
    • Delicious and packed with bright flavors: The garlic stands out in the marinade and makes the chicken filled with rich savory flavors. Your favorite store-bought or homemade BBQ sauce gives the chicken sweet robust elements.
    • Healthy and family-friendly: Naturally low-carb and high in protein, the entire family will want to devour this healthy chicken breast recipe. Who doesnt like barbecue?!

    How To Make Spatchcock Chicken

    Smoked Spatchcock Chicken on a Gas Grill
  • Make the Rub. Combine all of the dry rub ingredients with a whisk and set aside.
  • Remove the Backbone. Lay the chicken on a flat surface, breast-side down. With a pair of kitchen scissors, begin cutting the bird at the neck: cut along both sides of the backbone toward the legs, cutting the rib bones during the process. Remove the backbone and press the chicken open.
  • Cut the Cartilage. Locate the triangular cartilage in the center where the breastbone starts. Carefully make a quarter inch cut downward. You can now flip the bird and fully flatten with your hands.Another Method: Instead of slicing the cartilage, you can spread the chicken open with your hands and flip it. Using the heel of your hand, press down and flatten the breast bone. This butterflies the meat and gives it an even thickness throughout.
  • Apply the Rub. Massage the dry rub into the spatchcocked chicken. Let sit while preheating your grill to 400°F.
  • Grill. Lay the whole spatchcocked chicken onto the grill, ribs down, and grill for up to 45 minutes until the meats internal temperature reaches 160°F. Every 20 minutes or so, baste with a sauce of your choosing.
  • Let Cool & Serve. Remove from the heat and let cool for 15 minutes while the meat continues to cook, climbing up to a safe internal temperature of 165°F.
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