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How To Make The Best Grilled Chicken

Crispy Chicken Thighs on a charcoal grill

I remember my grandfather would say to me, the best way to cook chicken is to marinate it in hot sauce for a day or two, and then grill it. But I would always complain and say, oh no, I dont want it to taste like hot sauce. He always insisted that it would actually taste better. And he was right! While its not a bad idea to marinate in hot sauce, I did not realize what was really in store for my chicken. So here is the tried and tested recipe to make the best grilled chicken in your kitchen. First, preheat your grill on high heat, and then spray the chicken with cooking spray. Remember to use a nonstick grill. Once the grill is hot, put the chicken on the grill and close the cover. Cook for 15-20 minutes. This is just enough to cook the chicken, but not so much that it is burning. After the chicken has been on the grill for 15 minutes, take the chicken off the grill and let it rest for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, slice the chicken on a bias, and then grill the other side of the chicken. You should hear the chicken sizzling and smell the delicious smoke coming from your grill. Serve it with some coleslaw and buttermilk cornbread for a complete dinner!

How To Make Smoked Chicken Thighs

Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 50-60 Minutes | Serves 4-6Ingredients1/2 cup BBQ sauce

Step 1: Preheat your grill or smoker to 275°- 285°F, and add a chunk of apple or pecan wood to the hot coals and close the lid to maintain temperature.

Step 2: While the grill is preheating, remove the bones from the chicken thighs by slicing it out with a sharp boning knife. This will allow the chicken to cook faster and more evenly. Its also easier to eat this way as well. Save the bones for homemade chicken stock!

Step 3: Remove any excess skin that might be hanging off the chicken. Dont get too aggressive here, just remove the skin that isnt attached to the thigh meat.

Step 4: Place the chicken thighs skin side down on a wire cooling rack, and season liberally with bbq rub.

Step 5: Turn the thighs over, and season the skin side with bbq rub. Then, form them into a roll shape and tuck any skin under the meat. Using your hand, pat the bbq rub into the chicken skin.

Step 6: Place the chicken on the grill, over indirect heat. Close the lid and allow the chicken to smoke for 40 minutes. Then, check the internal temperature of the chicken with a reliable quick read thermometer, it should be about 165°F.

Step 7: When the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165°F, glaze with optional sauce. Close the lid and allow the sauce to set up for 10-15 minutes.

How Long To Grill Boneless Chicken Thighs On Charcoal Grill

Grilling is a fun activity that can be done in your backyard or on a deck. Whether you cook with a gas grill or charcoal, make sure you use heat-safe grilling equipment. For a perfect grilled steak, grill your meat for about 12 to 15 minutes per side.

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How To Grill Chicken Legs And Thighs


Grilling is a great way to cook chicken legs and thighs. The high heat from the grill sears the chicken, locking in the juices and flavor. When grilling chicken legs and thighs, be sure to cook them over indirect heat to prevent them from drying out. For the best flavor, marinate the chicken legs and thighs in your favorite barbecue sauce for at least 30 minutes before grilling.

Chicken thighs and legs are typically less expensive than breasts and are easier to cook. Cooking fats reduces the amount of fat and calories consumed by these cuts. To discard the skin, remove it from your mouth. Use a little olive oil to Marinate the meat with vinegar, citrus juice, and herbs and spices. A dry rub made with salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, basil, Cajun seasoning, jerk seasoning, thyme, and parsley works well for chicken breasts. Season or marinate the chicken before serving to give it a flavor lock as it cooks. The amount of time it takes to cook chicken thighs and legs will vary depending on their size and thickness.

Place your gas grill in a medium-high heat setting to begin. In a medium pot, heat the chicken drumsticks for about five minutes per side, until the skin is brown and crispy on all sides. Grilling should be done after the heat has been reduced to 300F. Cook for about 25 minutes, turning once halfway through.

How To Grill Boneless Chicken Thighs

Marinated Chicken Legs on Hot BBQ Charcoal Field Grill Stock Image ...
  • Preheat your grill at medium heat .
  • Grill each side for 4-5 minutes. Keep the lid closed between flips so that the heat circulates properly and cooks your chicken evenly.
  • Check to see if the chicken is fully cooked through with an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let the chicken rest for 5-10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!
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    Grilling Tips For The Best Chicken Thighs

    Wondering why you still cant get it right? Maybe these techniques will help:

    • Buy good quality chicken. A healthy and hormone-free chicken will obviously taste MUCH BETTER than one thats pumped with chemicals. Go for all-natural and free-range options for amazing flavorno matter the cooking method.
    • ALWAYS season your chicken well. Sprinkle on enough salt and pepper before grilling the chicken, so that its natural flavors become much more pronounced. When marinating, leave the sauce on for a few hours for the best results!
    • Monitor the grill temperature. Some grills temperature readings arent so accurate, so pay attention to the heat. If your chicken is browning too quickly, decrease the flame!
    • Keep a CLOSE eye on your chicken. If your grill is prone to flare-ups, move the chicken around so that it doesnt burn. Make sure its cooking evenly throughout the whole process!
    • Use a meat thermometer. This handy kitchen tool is SO HELPFUL because it takes guesswork out of the equation. Although you can slice the chicken to check for signs of pink, using a thermometer is more effective to determine doneness.
    • Try basting LAST! Although you place marinated chicken directly on the grill, some sugary sauces burn FAST, giving your final dish an unpleasant taste. Try basting when the chickens almost cooked through to avoid this!

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    How Long Do Chicken Thighs Take To Cook On A Charcoal Grill

    It takes about 30 minutes to cook chicken thighs on a charcoal grill. First, preheat the grill to medium-high heat. Next, oil the grates and place the chicken thighs on the grill. Cook for about 15 minutes, flipping once, or until the chicken thighs are cooked through. Remove from the grill and enjoy!

    A grill-apart chicken thigh is the ideal barbecue medium for a beginner or an expert. This recipe is simple to prepare and will leave a crisp outer skin and a tender juicy interior. ALWAYS cook to the correct temperature, not to a predetermined time. Internal temperatures are the most important aspect of any kind of barbecue. If you enjoy chicken, this recipe is extremely simple to prepare. An internal meat thermometer will allow you to determine the temperature of the meat as it cooks, allowing you to remove it when ready. It is critical to cook chicken thighs at a low temperature in a two-zone oven.

    Grilling with chicken thighs is a simple way to get your feet wet. This cook is going to be done with a dry rub called Super Bird. If you dont like dry rub and dont mind being paired with Super Bird, dont try it. If you want a color splash, try Kosher salt and a dash of black pepper mixed in.

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    Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs

    These grilled boneless chicken thighs are juicy, tender and full of flavor. Their easy prep makes them perfect for outdoor entertaining. Serve them with anything you like!

    If you are looking for an easy marinade for grilled chicken thighs, then you are at the right place. This simple blend of every-day ingredients adds a ton of flavor to the meat and when grilled to perfection, it turns these grilled boneless chicken thighs into a finger-licking dinner.

    My recommendations for side dishes would definitely be Greek Salad or Cucumber Tomato Salad, Parmesan Roasted Potatoes or Garlic Smashed Potatoes. But the best side dish is the one you like so if you have a favorite one, go ahead and make/buy it!

    How Long To Cook Chicken On Charcoal Grill

    Grilled Chicken Thighs – The Secrets to Grilling Perfect Chicken Thighs

    The answer really depends upon two things: the cut of chicken, thickness of the chicken, and the temperature of the grill.

    The cooking times are the same whether you are using a charcoal grill or a gas grill.

    Each part of the chicken cooks at a slightly different time and method for the best results. In general, dark meat takes longer to cook through than white meat. Additionally, bone-in takes longer to cook than a boneless piece.

    If you use a meat mallet to pound your boneless chicken breasts to ½-inch before grilling, reduce the cooking time that is listed for a thick chicken breast as much as 50%. The thinner piece of chicken will cook much faster.

    Grills impart a rich, smoky flavor that enhanced the taste of the chicken. We have put together a chicken grilling chart to help you grill the perfect chicken every time.

    Cut of Chicken
    Butterfly Chicken. Place skin side up over indirect heat and turn once during cooking

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    Keep Grilled Chicken Warm And Delicious

    Its simple to prepare and serve grilled chicken to a crowd at a party. If you want to keep the chicken warm without overcooking it, place it on the side of the grill rack rather than directly over the coals. If you want to keep the chicken warm for an extended period of time, place it in a warm oven, a chafing dish, a slow cooker, or a warming tray. To ensure that the chicken breast remains moist, apply several tablespoons of chicken stock or water to the pan and tightly cover it with a layer of foil. Grilling chicken can be kept warm in a room at room temperature for up to two hours, according to USDA food safety experts if the temperature is less than 90 degrees F, the chicken can be stored in a warm oven or other warming device for longer.

    Grilling Chicken Legs: How To Get The Perfect Sear Every Time

    Place chicken legs on a grill over direct heat that has been set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, rotating them every 10 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, if desired. Grilling bone-in chicken legs takes a little longer than cooking boneless chicken legs. Place the legs on the grill, skin side down, and close the lid. Grill covered for about 30 minutes, rotating every 810 minutes to account for hot spots and ensure even browning. When the chicken legs are nicely brown and the internal temperature is near 180F, youre ready to eat them.

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    What Is The Hand Test For Grilling

    Not everyone has access to a grilling thermometer when theyre grilling chicken on the charcoal grill. The hand test for grilling lets you know approximately how hot the fire is

    Hold your hand about three inches above the grill cooking area.

    Count the number of seconds you can keep your hand there without moving it before the heat becomes too hot. Depending on the number of seconds you keep your hand there, this is the translation:

    Less than 2 seconds makes the temperature at about 450 degrees

    2-3 seconds makes the temperature at about 400 to 450 degrees

    4-5 seconds makes the temperature at about 350 degrees

    6-7 seconds makes the temperature at about 300-350 degrees

    7-9 seconds makes the temperature at about 250-300 degrees

    2 seconds of holding your hand over the hot coals is the right temperature for grilling.

    If its too hot, wait for the fire to go down a bit. If its too cold, youll need to carefully remove the grill rack with oven mitts and add more charcoal.

    How To Grill Chicken Breast

    Spiced Charcoal Grilled Chicken Legs on a Metal Rack Stock Photo ...

    Grilling chicken breast is a great way to make a delicious and healthy meal. To start, preheat your grill to medium-high heat. Next, lightly oil the chicken breast, season with salt and pepper, and place on the grill. Cook the chicken for about 5 minutes per side, flipping it once halfway through. Make sure to check the temperature with a meat thermometer chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F. Once cooked, remove the chicken from the grill and let it rest for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy your delicious grilled chicken!

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    How To Make Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs

    First get a bowl that is large enough to hold all the thighs. You can also use a Ziploc bag, if you like.

    Then, add the ingredients for the marinade and mix well.

    For these grilled boneless chicken thighs, I made a simple marinade with paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and finely chopped parsley.

    Then, add the thighs in and coat them in the mixture. Make sure all the thighs are well coated before covering the bowl with cling film or closing the Ziploc bag.

    Let the meat rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before grilling. The longer you leave it in the fridge the better.

    You can also make the prep for these grilled boneless chicken thighs ahead of time and marinade the meat overnight, if you like.

    How long to grill boneless chicken thighs?

    It takes about 10-12 minutes for these grilled boneless chicken thighs to be ready. Now bear in mind that the time may vary slightly. This will depend on how thick the pieces are and also, on your grill.

    If in doubt, please use a food thermometer to check if the thighs are ready. The internal temperature has to reach 165°F . Always make sure you check the thickest part of the meat.

    Tips for making grilled boneless chicken thighs

    at first, it may seem to you that there is not enough marinade. However, this amount is plenty for 1.5 up to 1.8 pound of thighs. This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled, if needed!

    To keep the thighs warm until ready for serving wrap them in a tin foil .

    More recipes for grilling

    Best Juicy Grilled Chicken Thigh Recipe

    I dont know about you guys but chicken thighs are my favorite cut of chicken . And today we are talking ALL about how to make the perfect grilled chicken thigh! Whether you are using a gas grill or charcoal grill this tutorial is perfect for you. If you are looking to take your grilled chicken thighs to the next level you gotta try our Best Chicken Marinade or our Pickle Brine Chicken Thighs! Serve with some Mexican Street Corn , Deviled Egg Potato Salad and some Grilled Broccolini!

    Got leftovers: try this Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad!

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    When Is It Done

    The USDA recommends cooking poultry until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Keep in mind that in whole birds the internal temperature will rise 5 to 10 degrees during resting. Check the thigh meat by inserting the probe of a thermometer into the thickest part . If you dont have a thermometer, cut into the center of the meat. The juices should run clear and the meat should no longer be pink at the bone. We recommend using the iGrill app-connected thermometer.

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    The Best Grilled Chicken Thighs

    EASY BBQ Chicken Thighs on the Weber Kettle

    Whether youve been grilling for years or are new to grilling, youll love this super simple and goof-proof approach to grilled chicken! Few ingredients, very little prep time, and an absolute succulent, tender, perfectly crispy charred result, these are truly the best grilled chicken thighs!

    Seasoned grillers, grilling newbies, all skill levels in between, chicken lovers, everyone who loves a char grilled crispy bit, let us unite in our mutual love for grill marks and delight in this insanely simple yet incredible approach to finger lickin GREAT grilled chicken!

    This may just be the only grilled chicken thigh recipe youll ever need!

    The ingredients? You probably already have them. The prep time? Minimal. The difficulty? Not!

    Lets dive right into this incredible situation, as we have a lot of grilling to do!

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    How Long Does It Take To Cook Chicken Thighs On A Grill

    How much time does it take to cook chicken thighs in a grill? Grilling boneless chicken thighs takes about 8 minutes. Grilling bone-in chicken thighs takes about 10 to 13 minutes. How long does it take to cook the chicken leg on a grill? After baking the chicken, add the seasoning salt. Place chicken, covered, over indirect medium heat until a thermometer reads 170-175, 20 to 25 minutes on each side.

    What Temperature Do You Cook Chicken On A Weber

    When cooking chicken on a Weber charcoal grill, you should aim for 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a thermometer to determine this temperature. It takes about 2 hours to cook a standard size chicken at this temperature. Ideally, you should place the chicken breast side up over the coals. If you are unsure of the correct temperature, you can also use an infrared grill thermometer.

    First, make sure to brine the chicken before cooking it. Then, dry it well and season it with your favorite seasonings. If you are using brined chicken, make sure to leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before you begin cooking. This will give the chicken a nice juicier texture. Next, you can cook the chicken over medium heat and close the lid. You should check the internal temperature of the chicken every 10 minutes using a food thermometer.

    When cooking chicken on a Weber charcoal grill, the USDA suggests that it be cooked until its internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is important to remember that the chickens temperature may go up by five or 10 degrees during the resting period. To test the temperature, you should place a thermometer on the inner portion of the thigh, without touching the bones. The internal temperature of the chicken breast should be at least 165 degrees when it is done. After cooking the chicken, cover the grill with foil to keep it warm.

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