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Whats so great about the Great Lakes? – Cheri Dobbs and Jennifer Gabrys
Catfish Filet
Includes large fries coleslaw and drink. $11.99
Includes 2 pieces of bread. $16.99
Fried Mac and Cheese Bites $9.99
1 Piece Chicken Breast and One Piece Wing $9.99
1 Piece Fish and One Piece Whole Wing $9.99
10 Wings $22.99
5 Wings $12.99
2 Pieces Fish, 2 Pieces Wing, 4 Butterfly Shrimp $18.99
3 Pieces Fish, 3 Pieces Wing $18.99
3 Pieces Fish, 3 Pieces Jumbo Shrimp $19.99
5 Pieces Wings and 5 Pieces Fish $23.99
20 Wing Dings $23.99
18 Pieces Chicken Legs and Thighs $23.99
6 Pieces Fish, 6 Pieces Wings, Large Fries $29.99
10 Pieces Fish, 10 Pieces Wings, Large Fries $48.99
15 Pieces Fish, 15 Pieces Wings, Large Fries $61.99
8 Pieces Fish Specials
12 Pieces Dark and Large Fries $23.99
10 Tender and Large Fries $26.99


Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken 20445 Van Dyke St Detroit

Are you in the mood for some seafood? Well, what better place than Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken right here in Detroit! Besides being known for having excellent seafood, other cuisines they offer include Seafood, Family Style, and Chicken.

Looking for Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken prices? Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken has an average price range between $8.00 and $80.00 per person.

When compared to other restaurants, Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken is more on the expensive side.

Depending on the seafood, a variety of factors such as geographic location, specialties, whether or not it is a chain can influence the type of menu items available. Here at Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken, you’ll have options for Chicken, Family Dinners, Chicken Strip Dinner, Flavored Wing Ding Dinners, and Whole Wing Dinners and more. From there, you can expect to choose from some of the best menu items like:

  • Chicken Whole Wings
  • 2. Fifteen Piece Fish and 15 Piece Chicken
  • Chicken Strip Dinner

Fishing The Kawartha Lakes

Stony, Scugog, Chemong – these are just a few of the many famous lakes of the Kawartha region. With just over 130 lakes in the area, the Kawarthas are a fisherman’s paradise. Here lakes teem with many of Ontario’s famous sportfish in a mix of both cool and warm water environments. When visiting the Kawarthas and the Peterborough areathe hardest choices you’ll have to make are what lakes to fish and which species to target.

Great fishing and spectacular scenery aren’t limited to the northern areas. On popular southern lakes, sedimentary rocks, treed shorelines, and a mix of rustic and richly decorated cottages give the Kawartha Lakes a classically Canadian outdoor feel.

The tri-lakes are famous for largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. These and other Kawartha Lakes are a structure fishermen’s playground. Docks, rocky points, islands, reefs, undercuts and weedlines, can be found in many of the area’s warm water lakes. So whatever your fancy, the Kawarthas’ have something for all bass anglers.

What about walleye?” These often-targeted fish are found in many of the lakes in the region. Whether you’re a fan of deep water jigging or you’d rather route out weed-relating walleye, the Kawartha Lakes will accommodate. A great angling experience is targeting walleye during a calm evening as they move in shallow to feed. It’s tough to beat catching a few fish under the stars and surrounded by the faint glow from cottage lights dotting the shoreline.

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What Fresh Whitefish Means To You

Taking a bite out of the Great Lakes has never been more satisfying than it is today at Scalawags Whitefish and Chips in Mackinaw City, established in 1992. Now, almost 30 years later, we’re still serving up delicious, fresh whitefish to longtime customers as well as newcomers every year.

We are all about fresh fish from the Great Lakes, eating healthy and using the right ingredients.

Besides our best-selling whitefish and unbeatable tartar sauce, compliments are coming in constantly for our whitefish chowder and hush puppies.

More popular than it has ever been, the demand for freshwater fish has steadily increased over the past decades not only because more and more are finding out how great it tastes, but also because of its health benefits. We use only the freshest ingredients, and a top-quality, zero tans fat oil for cooking our fish.

Demand for freshwater fish like whitefish, perch and walleye is at an all-time high right there alongside the traditional seafood favorites like shrimp, lobster, tuna and scallops. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the supply of whitefish and other delectable freshwater fish has experienced a steady decline, causing an unavoidable increase in price seen more commonly with seafood.

All of this is having an impact on the availability and price of Great Lakes fish. In today’s market, consumers consider whitefish a specialty item similar to perch and walleye.

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