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How to Grill Chicken

Properly cooked chicken should reach an internal temperature of 165 °F. If it doesnt reach this temperature, it will be unsafe for consumption.

Other meats can be cooked to varying donenesses according to different preferences, but chicken can never be cooked rare. Undercooked chicken carries the risk of salmonella infection. Its also unappetizing.

Tips For How To Grill Chicken Without Drying It Out

Grilled chicken is an incredibly versatile food. I am a huge fan of the flavor and protein boost that grilled chicken can add to just about any meal, from salad to stir fry to sandwiches, creating an incredible meal.

However, theres an issue with grilled chicken: its often incredibly dry. Overdry, stringy chicken is far from incrediblemore like barely edible. Not exactly the stuff of culinary dreams.

Luckily, attaining perfectly moist, evenly cooked, flavorful grilled chicken is within reach for chefs at any level. By following some simple kitchen wisdom in the ways of grilling chicken, youll be guaranteed great results every time.

14 Tips for How to Grill Chicken without Drying It Out. Armed with these 14 simple tips, youll be well on your way to concocting perfectly moist grilled chicken dishes.

  • Start with good quality chicken. Perhaps this tip sounds like common sense, but its well worth a mention, because poor quality chicken is a key cause of dried-out, poorly cooked grilled chicken. If a chicken hasnt been properly fed or taken care of, it will reflect poorly on the flavor of the meat.
  • Buy the best chicken you can, from a trusted and ideally local source. The better the quality of the chicken you start with, the better the quality of your finished results. This guide is a helpful resource on how to buy the best chicken.

    Oil The Chicken Before Grilling

    Before adding the chicken to the grill, rub it with cooking oil. Use a high smoke point oil that has a neutral taste. I prefer olive oil or avocado oil. This process helps prevent sticking to the grill. The oil also dissolves and releases more fat-soluble flavor compounds in the seasoning for better tasting meat.

    Oil also provides a protective layer on the dried spices to reduce the amount of burning. You only need about ½ to 1 teaspoon of oil per side.

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    How Long To Grill Chicken Breast

    A whole chicken breast is a single muscle that weighs from 5 to 8 ounces. The cooking time will depend on its size and thickness.

    However, grilling boneless chicken breasts usually only takes 12 to 15 minutes over direct medium heat.

    It is best to flip the breasts about halfway through to evenly cook both sides and avoid burning them.

    Chicken breasts are skinless, so its important to thoroughly clean and season your grill before cooking them.

    It will take longer to grill bone-in chicken breasts, most likely around 25 minutes.

    Choosing Spices For Seasoning Grilled Meats

    Heres How Long You Should Grill (Almost) Every Single Food  Page 2 ...

    Spices with oil-soluble flavor compounds like coriander, cumin, and paprika are great for grilling. When in contact with olive oil, those flavor compounds dissolve and disperse better. Using a dry heat cooking technique like grilling allows the spices in the oil mixture to bloom, intensifying the taste of the ground seasoning. Too high of heat can char them, which is desirable on barbecued foods in small amounts.

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    How Long Does It Take To Boil Frozen

    Remember, it can take more than two times as long to boil frozen chicken, so it must take somewhere in between that for a chicken that is partly defrosted. For instance, if it takes 10 minutes to boil a fresh chicken breast and 20 minutes to boil a frozen one, depend on it taking about 15 minutes for something in between.

    Why Do I Need To Boil Chicken Before Grilling

    Do you want to eliminate the constant issues of undercooked chicken breasts? Have you ever wanted to shorten the grilling time for chicken? Parboiling is the solution if you answer YES to any of the questions mentioned above.

    When you boil chicken before you grill it, you reduce the grilling time since the food is already half-cooked.

    However, one of the most important aspects where boiling can help you is to get rid of constant half-cooked grilling results. The uneven thickness of multiple chicken parts makes it difficult for newbies and intermediate grillers to achieve an even flavor throughout the food.

    As a result, Ive heard them constantly complaining about half-cooked chickens and an unsatisfactory BBQ experience. The only thing that can help them eliminate this problem is parboiling, a technique where you add your chicken to simmering water to prepare a semi-cooked food ready for grilling.

    Lets see how can you boil chicken before grilling to obtain the desired results.

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    When Are Chicken Legs Done On The Grill

    Chicken drumsticks are very easy to make. When you are grilling the chicken legs, it will demand approximately 15to20 minutes the wizardry number is really in the warmth of the chicken. You realize your barbecued chicken leg pieces are thoroughly cooked when the inner heat arrives at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Remember that when youre grilling chicken legs on the barbecue and need to observe for doneness, simply puncture deep down with a blade. The chicken is done when its fluids come out.

    How To Know When Chicken Is Done

    Simple Steps to the Perfect Rotisserie Chicken | Weber Grills

    Chicken should not be dark red or look raw inside when it is done cooking. However, color does not indicate doneness. The USDA has said that even fully cooked poultry can sometimes show a pinkish tinge in the meat and juices.

    I highly recommend using a meat thermometer for checking the internal temperature of your chicken.

    Its the easiest and most foolproof way to determine whether or not your chicken is done . A meat thermometer can also prevent overcooking your dish resulting in tough, flavorless chicken.

    Chicken should be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe to eat, so you will know without a doubt when the chicken is done.

    Cooks Note : I like to remove the skin from chicken thighs prior to grilling. It is not a requirement though, the chicken will cook just great with the skin on.

    However, the spices absorb so nicely throughout the chicken without the skin and I prefer it that way.

    Its a well-established fact that I love crispy pan fried chicken or oven baked chicken complete with the skin, but when it comes to grilling chicken? Skinless is my favorite.

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    How To Grill Chicken Breast In Five Easy Steps

    Grilling juicy chicken breast can easily be done in just a few steps.

  • Prep your grill. Preheat your grill to 375 or 400 degrees F and scrape off any leftover bits from the last time you grilled.
  • Add your chicken. Place your marinated chicken breasts on your preheated grill, and close the lid. Its important to keep the lid of your grill closed while your chicken is cooking so that no heat escapes. Cook your chicken breast on the grill for 6-8 minutes on one side.
  • Flip your chicken. After 6-8 minutes open your grill lid and flip your chicken breast with tongs. A great tip is to only flip your chicken breast once so that it stays nice and juicy
  • Check the temp. Cook your chicken breast for 6-8 minutes more. Cook time will vary a bit depending on the size of your chicken breast, so be sure to check the internal temperature in the thickest part of the chicken breast using a meat thermometer. When the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F, your chicken is done and can be transferred to a clean plate or cutting board.
  • Let it rest. Immediately cover chicken with foil to seal in the juices and allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting into it. This will help you achieve that juicy, chicken breast youre looking for!
  • How Long Should You Grill Chicken For

    “Depending on the part of the chicken, cook to temperatures shown below, anywhere from 5-15 minutes, starting on indirect heat for the bone-in, skin-on pieces. Then transfer to direct heat for the last 5-7 minutes to get the skin crispy,” says Sidoti.

    The chef provides us with a breakout of what the internal temperature of each part of the chicken should be after grilling.

    • Boneless chicken breast: 165°F
    • Bone-in chicken breast halves: 170°F
    • Boneless thighs: 170°F
    • Bone-in thighs: 170-175°F

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    How To Grill Chicken Breasts That Are Sooo Juicy

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    How long do you grill chicken breasts for? Do they need to be brined or marinated? How do you get good grill marks? How do you grill the juiciest chicken breasts? All your grilled chicken breast answers are here!

    With summer and grilling season coming up, its a great time to grill up some chicken as an entree, to put onto salads, or to use in your favorite chicken recipes. Its therefore a good idea that we take a moment to tackle the conundrum of grilling chicken breasts.

    How Can You Tell When Grilled Chicken Breast Is Done Without A Thermometer

    How to Grill Chicken Legs

    The safest, and only foolproof, way to check if chicken is done cooking is with a meat thermometer.

    If you dont have a meat thermometer, you can test doneness by cutting into the thickest part of the chicken. If the meat is completely white and the juices run clear, the chicken should be done cooking. However, this can cause your chicken to dry out and doesnt prevent overcooking the chicken.

    Now that you know how to grill chicken breasts, check out our best grilled chicken recipes.

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    Create Direct And Indirect Heat Zones

    It is always essential when grilling to prepare a two-zone fire. This is especially true with chicken, as the addition of sweet sauces can set the stage for flareups.

    A two-zone fire means creating direct and indirect heat sources. This indirect area can function as a safe place for a fiery grill or the roasting position for a whole chicken on a long cook.

    To create an indirect heat source on a gas grill, leave a burner or two turned off. To create an indirect heat source on a charcoal grill, leave an area on the fuel grate without any coals.

    A recipe calling for direct heat is akin to using a griddle, while a recipe calling for indirect heat is no different than using an oven.

    The Best Internal Temperature For Grilled Chicken

    To make sure it is fully cooked, heat the chicken to an internal temperature of 165°F and when the juices run clear.

    Making sure your chicken reaches this temperature will ensure that any harmful bacteria is killed and the chicken is safe to eat.

    A backup method is to check the center of the chicken and make sure there is no remaining pink meat. The outcome will be a moist, tender, and juicy slice of chicken meat that is both delicious and safe to eat.

    Checking the internal termpature of chicken is the only way to ensure it is done.

    Other methods, like exclusively checking the skin to see if it is puckered or observing that the juices are running clear are not reliable methods and are only good indicators when paired with a thermometer reading.

    Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken to get an accurate reading. Make sure it reads at least 165°F, and youll be good to go!

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    How Long Does Chicken Take On A Grill

    Grilling for 9 minutes and flipping the breast at half way will yield beautiful seared marks. This is a great way to get the perfect sear on both sides of your chicken breast. If you are looking for something else, you may want to try this method. You can also cook your meat in oil instead of butter. Oil is much easier to work with than butter, which can cause the meat to dry out. For example, if your butter is too thick, dont worry about it. Just add a little bit of water to make it thinner.

    How Do You Grill Chicken Breasts Without Drying It Out

    How to Grill Chicken Breasts

    The key is to cook on direct heat for the first 8-10 minutes , but then switch to indirect heat for the last 5-7 minutes. ALSO do not leave it on the grill until it reaches an internal temp of 165 remove it from the grill when it is around 160 and then let it rest off the grill. As it rests, it will continue to cook and the temp can continue to rise nearly 10 degrees! So imagine if you did leave it on the grill until it reached 165? It would continue to cook and might reach 175 before you eat it! It would be over-cooked and dry.

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    Summary: Average Grilling Times For All Chicken Cuts

    For your reference, here are the average times for grilling various size pieces of chicken:

    • Chicken breast, boneless, skinless 6 to 8 ounces will take between 8 and 12 minutes over direct medium heat
    • Chicken breast, bone-in 10 to 12 ounces 30 to 40 minutes over indirect medium heat
    • Leg or thigh, bone-in 30 to 40 minutes over indirect medium heat
    • Thigh, boneless, skinless 4 ounces 8 to 10 minutes over direct high heat
    • Chicken wings 2 to 3 ounces 18 to 20 minutes over direct medium heat
    • Whole chicken 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 lbs 1 1/2 to 2 hours over indirect medium heat

    Do keep in mind that these times may vary if you , add a sauce, or change the chicken in any way.

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    How To Grill Bbq Chicken:

    Grilling BBQ chicken is really simple, but doing it the right way requires a little bit of technique. This recipe utilizes a quick brine, a flavorful dry rub, & indirect grilling, a simple combination that yields perfectly tender, juicy, & flavorful BBQ chicken every time. Youll be making the absolute best BBQ chicken on the grill in no time!

    Note: full Recipe Directions are provided in the Recipe Card, below.

    #1 Start with an easy grilled BBQ chicken marinade.

    Before you panic about the need to mix up a complicated marinade for your chicken, let me assure you were keeping things really minimal here. This grilled BBQ chicken marinade is actually a simple brine!

    Because chicken is pretty lean, marinating or brining it before you barbecue it is key. A quick brine will help ensure your grilled barbecue chicken stays totally juicy & doesnt dry out on the grill.

    2 brine options:

    • Beer brine: Even if youre not a beer lover , soaking chicken in beer adds an incredibly rich, deep flavor to the chicken. Its my favorite grilled chicken trick. For best flavor, use a full-bodied, dry & hoppy beer, such as an IPA.
    • Buttermilk brine: If beer isnt your thing , you can use buttermilk, which is totally classic & has the added benefit of tenderizing the chicken. If you dont have buttermilk on hand, you can DIY it by adding a splash of vinegar or lemon juice to regular ol milk.

    #2 Layer on the best grilled BBQ chicken rub.

    #3 Get grilling!

    Grilling BBQ Chicken:

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    The Best Bbq Chicken Calls For The Simplest Ingredients

    The best thing about grilled BBQ chicken is the fact that youve likely got everything you need to make it on hand at any point in time. Absolutely necessary for any summer staple!

    The cast of characters includes :

    • chicken You can use whatever chicken parts you love most for this BBQ chicken recipe: breasts, drumsticks, wings, leg quarters, thighs it all works! Personally, I have a thing for chicken thighs I think theyre the tastiest, most flavorful & juicy part of the chicken.
    • beer or buttermilk, used for a quick BBQ chicken marinade. Both are delicious in their own right. Beer lends an awesome funky flavor , while buttermilk tenderizes the chicken. Use whatever youve got on hand or whatever youre in the mood for.
    • spices, like chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, mustard powder, onion powder, & smoked paprika, which, when combined with a little bit of brown sugar, create the easiest & most delicious dry rub for chicken. I buy all my spices & staples at ALDI. Theyre super high quality, fragrant & full-flavored, & totally affordable.
    • BBQ sauce Use your fave! You can, of course, make your own BBQ sauce from scratch. With so many amazing bottled BBQ sauces out there, I always opt to just grab something from the store. The Burmans BBQ sauces at ALDI are my personal favorite. With a variety for each major BBQ region , its fun to pick & choose what youre in the mood for whenever you make grilled BBQ chicken. I always keep a bottle of each stocked in my pantry.

    Should You Marinate Chicken Breasts Before Grilling Them

    Grilled Chicken Thighs (Skin

    What I actually like to do the most is to add garlic powder to the brine mixture. You can also add black pepper and other seasonings too. In that way, youre adding flavor like a marinade would while brining.

    The only thing to note is that you dont want to leave the chicken in the brine anywhere near as long as you would in a marinade. The most youd want to leave them in there for is 3 hours or 5 hours . Then take them out of the brine and refrigerate them dry until youre ready to cook them.

    If you would prefer to not brine your chicken breasts, you can do a marinade instead.

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