Jack In The Box Chicken Nuggets

Must Try

Sonic Jumbo Popcorn Chicken


Calories: 490

Jumbo Popcorn Chicken sounds like its going to taste like bad fair food, but this really isnt that bad and wed say its a significant step up from the entry that came before. The chicken is close enough to being juicy that well call itjuicy-adjacent, and the batter holds its crispiness even after being dunked in sauce. The nugg features a strong pepper-forward flavor that is heavy enough to cut through when paired with any dipping sauce at Sonic.

This chicken lives up to its name, too. These are indeed jumbo bites popping a whole one in your mouth will be too much chicken to chew at one time, sort of defeating the purpose of it being a nugget.

Still, if youre at Sonic your money is better spent on some of their other sides, like the mozzarella sticks, chili cheese tots, or jalapeño poppers. Measured up against all of the other choices you have for sides, Im not sure whyd youd ever order these.

The Bottom Line:

Not bad, but easily one of Sonics weaker snack offerings.

Find your nearest Sonic here.

Kfc Extra Crispy Tenders

Nutrition : 380 calories, 20 g fat , 940 mg sodium, 17 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 33 g proteinCalories, fat, sodium per gram: 2.52, 0.14, 6.02

Ingredients We Don’t Love: “chicken breast tenderloins or chicken breast strips with rib meat,” modified potato starch, natural chicken flavor , potassium and sodium phosphates. monosodium glutamate , sodium bicarbonate, modified corn starch , citric acid, 2% calcium silicate added as an anti-caking agent, natural flavorings, sugar, corn syrup solids

These chicken nuggets might contain the most chicken out of all the nuggets in the fast food world. Why? Because besides chicken breast tenderloins or breast strips with rib meat, they are also seasoned with the Colonel’s special blend of chicken fat and dehydrated cooked chicken that’s just gross. All that chicken displaces a digestive system staple, dietary fiber, which only appears as less than a gram per serving. Fiber helps keep your digestive tract working properly as it ushers wastes out of the body. It can help lower cholesterol and keep blood-sugar levels normal. What does contain high fiber content? These 11 Best High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss!

What Is The Most Unhealthy Fast Food

18 of the unhealthiest fast-food items you can order

  • Wendys Daves Hot n Juicy 3/4 Lb.
  • Chopt Panko Fried Chicken Salad.
  • Burger Kings Ultimate Breakfast Platter.
  • Burger Kings Triple Whopper.
  • Quiznos Large Turkey Bacon Guacamole Sub.
  • Quiznos Large Carbonara Sub.
  • Chipotles Carnitas Burrito.

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What Is Jack In The Boxs Popcorn Chicken

Well, its popcorn chicken from Jack in the Box. Theyre bite-sized, breaded pieces of 100% all-white meat chicken thats available in Classic and Spicy flavors. Every order comes with your choice of dipping sauce, and it comes in a container with a fun design that Ill be adding to my fast food packaging collection that my son will inherit someday and promptly throw away.

Jack In The Box Crispy Chicken Strips

Review: Jack in The Box Chicken Nuggets

Nutrition : 563 calories, 24 g fat , 1,581 mg sodium, 53 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 33 g proteinCalories, fat, sodium per gram: 2.89, 0.12, 8.11

Ingredients We Don’t Love: isolated potato product, isolated oat product, modified corn starch, soy protein concentrate, sodium phosphate, dextrose, natural flavor, extractives of paprika, sugar, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, canola blend frying oil

As the third ingredient after chicken and water, isolated potato product is a binder/filler used in chicken nugget production. Even though these chicken strips are made with all white meat chicken, they’re nothing like full strips of chicken breast or tenderloin. That’s because of binders . Because the chicken is pulverized, binders like isolated potato product and isolated oat product are needed to help glue together this processed chicken so it can be shaped into something that looks like it should be a chicken strip . Instead of eating nuggets with this synthetic carb, check out 25 Best Carbs for Weight Loss.

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Jack In The Box Menu Prices

Jack in the Box is a fast-food restaurant primarily serving the Western United States but also has many locations in the Midwest part of the country. Overall, Jack in the Box menu prices is average in the industry, although they also have a value menu with items priced $1.00 and above.

Some of the most popular meals offered at Jack in the Box include Jumbo Jack, Sourdough Jack, Jacks Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Seasoned Curly Fries, and the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Below is a list of the latest Jack in the Box menu prices.

Carl’s Jr Chicken Stars

Nutrition : 170 calories, 10 g fat , 360 mg sodium, 12 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 8 g proteinCalories, fat, sodium per gram: 2.79, 0.16, 5.90

Ingredients We Don’t Love: “chicken,” dehydrated chicken fat, chicken type flavor , autolyzed yeast extract , flavor, hydrolyzed corn protein , chicken fat), beef flavor , hydrolyzed soy, wheat, and corn protein , beef fat, flavor), and flavor , artificial flavor, and flavor)], isolated oat product, sodium phosphates, sugar, modified corn starch , dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, soybean oil, natural flavor, vegetable oil

Along with these 40 Daily Habits That Make You Sick and Fat, fast foods are known to be huge fat bombs, and that’s because they’re deep fried and served with high-fat dipping sauces. These Chicken Stars are particularly fatty, and that’s because Carl’s Jr. injects them with dehydrated chicken fat, chicken fat, and beef fat. Plus, they have hidden trans fats from their use of partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil that can lower your good cholesterol, further putting your heart and your health on the line.

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Popeyes Handcrafted Mild Tenders

Nutrition : 340 calories, 14 g fat , 1,350 mg sodium, 26 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 27 g proteinCalories, fat, sodium per gram: 2.70, 0.11, 10.7

Ingredients We Don’t Love: “marinated chicken strips: contains up to 30% of a solution of water, seasoning , salt, seasoning, natural flavor , seasoning , maltodextrin , silicon dioxide),” isolated soy protein, modified food starch, carrageenan, soy lecithin, sodium phosphates, mono and diglycerides, maltodextrin, enriched bleached wheat flour , salt, spack, fd& c yellow #5, , sodium bicarbonate and/or sodium aluminum sulfate, microcrystalline cellulose, natural flavor, corn syrup solids

Worse than Popeyes’ laundry list of ingredients, these nuggets contain a gram of trans fatthe man-made fat that has been banned by the FDA because of its ties to heart disease, weight gain, and stroke. Not only can it wreak havoc on your weight loss plan, but solid trans fats can also clog arteries, including those in your brain, impairing cognitive function and memory. It’s not just in your fast food either. See which of your favorite foods contain unhealthy trans fat in our Eat This, Not That! special report Fatty Foods that Hurt Your Brain.

Jack In The Box Dairy


This menu guide includes dairy-free menu options first, followed by some custom order components. Be aware of special order requirements in parentheses next to the menu items, and see the Heads Up notes to help fill in the blanks.

Butter Note: Jack in the Box uses a butter flavored vegetable oil to toast their sourdough bread, buttery regular buns, and to fry their eggs. It does not contain milk, but does contain soy. However, they do use a dairy garlic butter on their Buttery Jack Burgers. Make sure your location does not use the dairy butter for cooking.

Fryer Note: They use a canola oil blend for deep frying, which does not appear to contain soy. There is no shared fryer note, but we assume they do use a shared fryers to make the fries, hashbrowns, and onion rings and fish and chicken items .

Other Allergen & Dietary Notes: All items listed below are made without egg, peanut, and tree nuts, unless otherwise noted. The fries and salads at Jack in the Box can be ordered without soy and wheat, and the hash browns are also made without soy. For vegan options, see the Vegan Menu Guide at the bottom of this post.

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Best For Dipping: Mcdonald’s

For those who will accept no substitutes, we’re happy to report that the original McNugget still stands up. The coating is on the bland side and isn’t quite as thick or crunchy Jack in the Box, and the chicken tastes a bit strange, but if you’re a McNugget fan, that uniquely McD’s flavor is probably part of the appeal .

While taken by themselves the McNuggets were a bit bland, that neutral flavor works to their advantage because they’re suitable for any of the seven options for dip , from Spicy Buffalo to Sweet Chili. Also, McDonald’s is the only fast food chain to offer honey as a dipping sauce option, which deserves some extra points.*

*Your opinion on honey as the world’s most ultimate chicken nugget sauce may vary, but I stand firm. Don’t even get me started on honey mustard as an acceptable substitute

Summary: A dependable nugget that’s a bit bland on its own, but well suited for dipping.Sauces: Honey Mustard, Tangy BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Creamy Ranch, Sweet Chili, Spicy Buffalo, HoneyPrice: $4.19 for six nuggets

Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets

Nutrition : 180 calories, 9 g fat , 210 mg sodium, 12 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 12 g proteinCalories, fat, sodium per gram: 2.05, 0.10, 2.39

Ingredients We Don’t Love: “Chicken”

Applegate only uses select cuts of antibiotic-free thigh and breast meat, but still no promises on biting into an unpulverized piece of chicken. Even though they don’t nab any of the top spots for being low in calories, fat, or sodium, when considering them all together, Applegate’s relatively light breading and simple ingredients make their nuggets our top pick because they help you keep belly fatto a minimum.

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Does Jack In The Box Have Chicken Nuggets

Last Updated on October 4, 2022 by Lauren Beck

Jack in the Box is a fast food restaurant chain started in 1951. Its menu includes items such as burgers, fries, and sandwiches. The restaurant also offers chicken nuggets as part of its menu. Chicken nuggets are fried chunks of chicken that are usually served with a dipping sauce.

Jack in the Box does have chicken nuggets on its menu. These chicken nuggets are made with white meat chicken and are served with a honey mustard dipping sauce. The nuggets are part of the restaurants value menu and are priced at $1.99 for a six-piece order.

If youre looking for something different than chicken nuggets, Jack in the Box also offers grilled chicken strips. These chicken strips are made with white meat chicken and are served with a barbecue dipping sauce. The chicken strips are part of the restaurants value menu and are priced at $1.99 for a three-piece order.

Jack In The Box Chicken Nuggets

Jack in the Box

Calories: 238

Jack in the Box first dropped their version of the chicken nugget in 2012 and ten years later, its the last remnant of JiBs old chicken recipe. In the last two years, JiB has totally reformulated all of their chicken sandwiches, changed their chicken tenders, and added a new popcorn chicken option to the menu, but I still think JiBs OG Chicken Tenders are the brands best attempt at the fried bird.

Please tell me Im not alone in thinking this. Anyone?

I really like the batter here, its not as crispy as Id like it to be but it has a great flavor, with heavy notes of black pepper and subtle undertones of garlic powder, plus a little onion powder that lingers nicely on the palate and cuts through the sauce. Still, I cant help but think about how delicious those tenders used to be.

I wish we could have them back. *Sigh.*

The Bottom Line

These taste great paired with Jacks BBQ sauce or Buttermilk Ranch and even better doused in Franks Red Hot. I know the day that these are discontinued is probably fast approaching and, frankly, Im dreading that day.

Find your nearest Jack in the Box here.

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What Is Jack In The Box Tacos Made Of

Heres the ingredients list for Jack in the Box tacos:

  • Taco Meat Filling: Cooked Beef, Water, Seasoning , Less than 2% of: Soybean Oil, Flavors,modified corn starch, autolyzed yeast extract, potassium chloride, sodium phosphates, caramel color.
  • Tortilla: Enriched Bleached Flour , Water, Vegetable Shortening , Contains 2% or Less of: Leavening , Salt, Dough Conditioners , Preservatives , Fumaric Acid, Calcium Sulfate.
  • Shell: Enriched Bleached Flour , Water, Vegetable Shortening , Contains 2% or Less of: Leavening , Salt, Dough Conditioners , Preservatives , Fumaric Acid, Calcium Sulfate.
  • Taco Sauce: Water, Chili Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Contains 2% or Less of: Salt, Spice, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavors , Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate , Caramel Color.
  • Shredded Iceberg Lettuce: Iceberg Lettuce.
  • Cheddar Cheese: Cultured Milk, Water, Cream, Salt, Enzymes, Annatto .
  • Sour Cream: Cultured Cream, skim milk, enzymes.

Jack In The Box 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets Nutrition Facts

Jack in the Box 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets contains 480 calories, 33 grams of fat and 26 grams of carbohydrates.

According to our website visitors, 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets is not a healthy and nutritious option from Jack in the Box, with only 33% of voters finding it to be healthy.

Let us know what you think! Review the nutrition facts below and then vote on whether you think 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets is healthy or not.

Keep reading to see the full nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets from Jack in the Box.

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Where Was The First Jack In The Box Opened

The first Jack in the Box was opened in San Diego, California. The restaurant was on the main highway leading into the city. A large Jack in the Box clown was placed on the roof of each tiny restaurant. Furthermore, each restaurant was equipped with an intercom system and a drive-thru window, and believe it or not the restaurant served up hamburgers to passing motorists for just 18 cents.

The Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

Jack in the Box – Chicken Nuggets

For some, chicken nuggets are a rite of passage: a fast-food item passionately consumed for a brief period of time during childhood, then quickly forgotten. For others, those crunchy little tidbits just begging to be dunked in a fatty, spicy, or sweet sauce haven’t diminished in deliciousness one iota.

Whether you’re a current or former fan, one thing that’s important to know is that all nuggets are not created equalnot by a long-shot. In our taste test, some nuggets immediately shot to the top of the pack, while others uselessly sputtered around in a sad cloud of mediocrity, never achieving anything beyond being passably edible.

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Best Traditional Nuggets: Wendy’s

Wendy’s serves up two different types of chicken nuggets: regular and spicy. Go with the regular. In fact of all the traditional fast food nuggets we tried, these are our favorite. They have the crunchiest coating and the chicken itself is moist, juicy, and flavorfuljust what we’re looking for.

You might think the only difference between the two options is the batter itself, but that isn’t the case. When compared side-by-side with the regular nuggets, the spicy nuggets were noticeably smaller in diameter and contained a thinner piece of chicken. The spicy nuggets do pack more flavor, but aside from a few sprinkles of pepper, it comes in the form of 230 mg of additional sodium .

Ordering smaller, saltier nuggets doesn’t make sense, especially when you’re going to be dipping the nuggets in saucea much better way to ratchet up the flavor. If you want to add some heat, ask for a packet of Hot Chili seasoning and either drizzle it on your nuggets or mix it into the dipping sauce of your choice. Voila! Custom-made condiments.

Summary: The regular nuggets are our favorite traditional nugget. Crisp coating surrounding a thick, juicy piece of meat that really does taste like chicken.Sauces: Barbecue, Honey Mustard, Sweet and Sour, Buttermilk RanchPrice: $2.69 for six nuggets

Best Budget Bite: Jack In The Box

Jack doesn’t get a lot of props for his nugget game, but let us assure you that he’s got bite-sized, crunchy-coated, dippable bits of chicken covered. They look practically identical to what you’ll find at Burger King or McDonald’s, but flavor-wise, they’re far superior, with a slightly spicy bite. The coating is thicker, crunchier, and has more dimension, and the chicken inside is tender and juicy.

At $1.29 for five nuggets , Jack’s are also the best value of our favorites, by far.

Summary: These nuggets are a great way to satisfy your nugget craving on a tight budget, without compromising on flavor or quality.Sauces: Buttermilk, Barbecue, Sweet and Sour, Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo, Honey Mustard, TeriyakiPrice: $1.29 for 5 nuggets

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How Many Jack In The Box Restaurants Are There

There are more than 2,200 Jack in the Box restaurants in 21 states and Guam. There are Jack in the Box locations in Arizona, Indiana, New Mexico, South Carolina, California, Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Colorado, Louisana, Ohio, Texas, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois.

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