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Michigans Best Local Eats: Cooking To Order Dry Brine Is Secret To Fried Chicken Success At Ma Lous

Local Eats: Ma Lous Fried Chicken

YPSILANTI, MI — For K.C. Knipple, owner of Ma Lous in Ypsilanti, the key to fried chicken is fresh meat and a dry brine.

Ma Lous, is known for serving southern-style fried chicken, smashed-style chicken burgers and a variety of wings.

The restaurant buys raw chicken, uses a dry brine and fries it to order.

That honestly is the secret, Knipple said. The dry brine, I think, keeps it more moist. It gives you a larger margin of error .

Ma Lous is best known for The OG sandwich, which features fried chicken on an onion roll, with cheddar cheese, smoked gouda cheese, pickles and coleslaw. It also serves sandwiches in the style of Nashville hot chicken and buffalo sauce, as well as banh mi and catfish po boy sandwiches.

The idea is to take flavors and aspects of all cuisine and make it Ma Lous, Knipple said. Chicken is a very versatile protein.

The restaurant also features a chicken and waffle plate. The waffles are unusually dark because of the high quantities of vanilla and cinnamon in the batter, Knipple said. They are also fried.

So it comes out more like a funnel cake, he said.

Ma Lous also serves wings in buffalo, chili barbeque, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan and sriracha flavors.

Anything goes with fried chicken, Knipple said.


Ma Lous Fried Chicken: Our Tips

Ma Louâs prepares their food fresh. It can take 25 minutes for your order to be ready. You can place your order online or by phone in advance to shorten your wait time. If you are waiting, you can explore Riverside Park, shop The Rocket or Unicorn Feed & Supply, or pickup ice cream pints at Go!. Or plan your pickup for after joining the Aurora Society at Decode.

Some items may be unavailable close to closing. It is best to dine early.

The chicken is extremely hot when it is served. If you live in Ypsilanti or the east side of Ann Arbor, you could easily get takeout without worrying about your chicken getting cold.

Bring an alternate beverage for your children if they donât drink soda.

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Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken Menu Prices

Item Cheddar, smoked gouda, slaw, pickles, onion roll. $11.00 Served with fries, slaw, and choice of sauce. $13.00 Nashville hot baste, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, jalapeno ranch, basic bun. $11.00 Mayo, pickles, lettuce, basic bun. $11.00 Pickled carrot and daikon, jalapeno, cucumber, butter lettuce, basil and cilantro-lime aioli on a baguette. $11.00 Chef’s choice of chicken, house waffles, powdered sugar and a side of syrup. $13.00 Two dark meat chicken patties, bistro sauce, lettuce, pickle, red onion, American cheese, brioche bun $11.00 $11.00 Catfish cutlets served with fries, slaw, and a spicy remoulade $13.00 Classic party wings tossed in our berry and habanero baste. $9.00 Curry lemon pepper dry-rub, cilantro and spicy ranch. $9.00 Garlic butter, parmesan cheese, ranch dressing. $9.00 Honey-ginger glaze, green onion, sesame seeds, side sauce. $9.00

Ma Lous Fried Chicken: The Sandwiches & Other Options

Ma Lou

In updating this review, I realized we left out a huge part â the sandwiches. They are so creative. Each of us rotates through different favorites â The Bahn Mi, Chicken Parm, The OG, The Hot Chick, and other seasonal specialties. The sandwiches are huge â we typically get two meals from our sandwiches. With each sandwich you get your choice of spice level and breast or thigh â or tofu.

My daughter is also partial to the chicken and waffles platter. She actually gets 3 meals out of it.

They often run limited time specials. We last ordered around Thanksgiving 2021 and had a great seasonal platter with squash fritters, chicken tenders and maple aioli and cranberry jam.

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Ma Lous Fried Chicken: The Main Course

Ma Louâs specialty is Fried Chicken. They use Amish chicken and prepare it 3 ways â Southern, Medium, and Spicy AF.

Note: Chicken was originally served over white bread and pickles as shown in the photos. They no longer serve it that way. At the time of this article, multi-piece servings with sides were available, but they have switched to ordering chicken by the piece and side a la carte.

Personally, I prefer dark meat, so I ordered the Dark Meat which includes 3 pieces and one small side.

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My husband prefers breast meat. He ordered the Breast which includes 2 pieces and one small side.

Update: Ma Louâs no longer has a kids menu, but individual chicken pieces or a chicken tender platter are availble..

My daughter does not like her chicken on the bone, so she ordered the Kids Meal which is 3 tenders and one small side. The chicken tenders only come in one spice which is similar to the southern. The portion was large enough for my 11 year old who frequently orders adult meals. She liked the tenders, although she would have liked barbecue sauce to go with them.

We all loved our chicken. Our only complaint was that it was almost too hot to eat the on bone pieces. Because the chicken is served so hot, we mostly get takeout and it is just the right temperature to eat at home.

Ma Lous Fried Chicken: The Extras

One of the specialties at Ma Louâs is their biscuit donuts. I was quite excited to see them on the menu. Unfortunately they were sold out on our first visit. On our second visit, we made sure to visit earlier in the evening.

The Biscuit Donuts are amazing. We loved them. They were heavier than a typical Donut, but delicious. Unfortunately, they left us too full for our planned stop at the nearby Go! Ice Cream. We still stopped at Go!, we just took the name literally and took our ice cream to go â a pint of Sweet Browned Butter for another day.

One area where families may find Ma Louâs lacking is in the beverage choices. They offer bottled sodas . We brought a beverage from home for my daughter who does not like soda. There was another family there with a younger child. They had brought their own milk for her.


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Ma Lous Fried Chicken: The Sides & Shareables

Ma Louâs offers a few sides that do periodically shift: Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, French Fries, Bean Salad and Sweet Potato Fries.

Iâve ordered the Cole Slaw on both visits. In part because Iâm the only one in my family who likes cole slaw and because I really liked it the first time.

The fries were also great. My husband ordered them on our first visit and my daughter ordered them on our second visit. The portion was huge and we took home a significant portion on both visits.

My husband ordered the baked beans on our second visit. He tried to order them on our first visit, but they were sold out. We were there near closing time, so it wasnât surprising. He felt the baked beans were fair. He will probably go back to the fries on our next visit.

On more recent visits we discovered the friend brussel sprouts shareable which is excellent.


Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken Menu And Prices


No matter what you are hungry for, youll find a huge variety of delicious dishes to satisfy you at the Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken’s menu. Whether you go for aBrussel Sprouts, Brussel Sprouts, Onion Petals, Ranch or Asian Honey WingsMa Lou’s Fried Chicken’s tasty cuisine will hit the spot.

Notice: The prices listed on this page are provided for reference only. The actual prices may vary depending on your Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken location.

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Ma Lous Fried Chicken: The Logistics

Ma Louâs Fried Chicken is in Downtown Ypsilanti . Free parking is available in several nearby city lots and on the street.

Ma Louâs is a counter service restaurant that does a significant take out business. They have a few tables in the restaurant â 4-5 booths and 2 picnic tables.

Their current hours are:

  • Tuesday-Saturday â 11a-9p


Reviews For Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken

We had Ma Lou’s cater our wedding. They were absolutely flawless in their execution, and the food was FABULOUS. Our guest raved about it, and said it was the best fried chicken they’ve ever eaten. KC was awesome & easy to work with. Exceeding my expectations. Would absolutely recommend & will be using them in the future!

Omg ? this is some good food! The seasoning of everything I got was delicious, the ranch is amazing never had anything like it! The zesty sauce for the onions is perfect. The Gouda on the sandwich was perfect! This is what I Got the OG sandwich and lemon pepper wings, fries and onion pedals, zesty sauce for the onions pedals and spicy ranch for the wings.Wife love it too, definitely are new wing and comfort food spot!

All I gotta say is OMG YUMMY! Snake bite smasher was so good & the fried Brussel sprouts were AMAZING! Give this local restaurant a try, they don’t disappoint! Great and friendly staff, very informative and patient with all my questions.

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