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These boneless chicken breasts are breaded with a simple seasoned flour mixture, and then they’re baked to perfection in a very hot oven. Get the taste of pan-frying without the mess. Crispy, juicy, and tender, this is sure to become a favorite in your house. There are so many things you can do with these oven-fried chicken breasts, from serving as an entree to slicing them up to put on salads, in casseroles, or chicken salad.

Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

Melt In Your Mouth Chicken There are times that we all need a recipe that is indulgent, yet easy. This dish encompasses both of those elements.

Easy Chicken Fajitas This Mexican meal will come together en un santiamén .

Coca Cola Chicken This is a fun recipe to prepare and even more fun to eat. Be sure to make plenty as everyone will be coming back for seconds .

Oven Fried Potato Chip Chicken Lets be honest we have all wanted to make potato chips a meal at some point. Here is the way to do it. Also, a great way to use up those broken chips leftover at the bottom of the bag.

No-Peek Chicken If you need a quick dinner that comes together on its own, this recipe is here to help. Simply add the ingredients, put it in the oven and listen to the name- no peeking.

Dump-and-Bake Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole This dish incorporates the vegetables, so dinner is made easier as you do not need to prepare a side. Even better, the kids will not object to eating their broccoli.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Yummy and gooey, are the best words to describe this dip. Serve it at any party and you are guaranteed to be a star.

The perfect blend of cream and lemon will turn your plain chicken breasts into a tasty treat.

Add other pantry staples, such as butter, parmesan, mustard, and garlic, for a burst of umami flavors.

This recipe creates enough creamy sauce that you can toss into pasta.

For a low-carb dinner, you cant go wrong serving the chicken with mashed cauliflower.

Hearty Filling Chicken Salad Recipes

  • Chicken Waldorf Salad. The retro classic, all gussied up for modern tastes.
  • Curried Chicken Salad Salad. Yes, thats right. Chicken salad on top of a green salad, therefore this is a salad salad.
  • Thai Zoodle Salad. Tossed in a creamy, peanut dressing, this crunchy, colorful cold zoodle salad is quick, healthy and satisfying.
  • Classic Cobb Salad. Just that! A classic Cobb, starring crispy chicken breast, bacon, avocado and all the goodies.
  • Pesto Zoodle Salad. Pesto, chicken, zoodles and lots of fresh mozzarellawhats not to love?
  • Tortellini Pasta Salad. Tortellini in a pasta salad?!? Yeah, it felt like kind of a revelation to us, too.
  • Grilled Curry Chicken Salad. A big green salad topped with a curry-spiced grilled chicken, goat cheese and a delicious punchy herb-filled vinaigrette is basically heaven on a platter.
  • Southwest Cobb Salad. A smoky, grilled riff on classic Cobb! YUM.

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Chicken Soup Recipes For Every Soul And Every Mood

  • Coconut Chicken Soup. At once simple, pungent, creamy and spicythis creamy coconut chicken soup is our own riff on classic Thai Tom Kha Gai.
  • White Bean Chicken Soup. Brightened with fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon juice and a little jalapeño, this garlicky chicken soup recipe is a fresh, modern take on classic chicken soup.
  • Tortilla Soup. Warmly spiced and satisfying, chicken tortilla soup comes together fast.
  • Chicken and Rice Soup. Fresh dill and lots of lemon juice bring brightness and vibrancy to this classic, easy, healthy chicken and rice soup recipe.
  • Chicken Meatball and Vegetable Soup. Our Whole30-approved chicken meatball soup recipe is soothing, cozy and easy to make.
  • Green Chicken Enchilada Soup. Enchilada soup is a budget-and-weeknight friendly marriage of two classic dishes, and were betting its destined to become a staple on your dinner table.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala Soup. Yep, we dreamt up a soup recipe built around the iconic flavors of tikka masala. Yummmm.
  • African Peanut Soup. Warming fresh ginger, jalapeño, cumin and plenty of garlic make a spicy base for this creamy, sweet-savory West African peanut soup recipe.

How To Make Baked Tuscan Chicken:

What can i make with boneless chicken breast
  • Flatten your chicken breasts so they are roughly the same size: this will ensure they cook evenly and that one side doesnt end up completely dried out! Simply cover in plastic wrap and use a rolling pin or a small frying pan to flatten the thick end slightly.
  • Dry with paper towel: we want our chicken to roast and be golden and flavorful, so we dont want any of the excess water that might be on it. Drying it before seasoning will give the best results!
  • Rub with oil and season well: we are keeping the seasoning simple again, but the sauce adds a ton of flavor!
  • High heat for a short time: what I love most about this recipe is that almost all of the sauce ingredients are added right to the pan, and everything cooks at once. Theres no simmering on the stove or extra hassle! Just toss and go the only thing we add after is the spinach.
  • Cover and let rest: at least 10 minutes! You can even let it rest for 20 and I promise it will be so juicy and hot. This keeps the juices inside the meat and gives the spinach a chance to wilt down in the sauce without becoming overcooked and slimy.
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    One Pan Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

    We love one pan healthy chicken recipes! Anything where we can make in only one pan is awesome!

    Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe is the perfect light dinner. Learn how to make chicken pot pie in under an hour for a delicious meal!

    Healthy Lemon Artichoke Chicken is an easy, healthy one pan dinner the whole family will love! Serve it over pasta or rice!

    Instant Pot Chicken Fried Rice is the perfect quick, one pot dinner. Its done in under 30 minutes.

    Pesto Chicken Zoodles are a delicious, simple dinner. Paleo and gluten free, this easy dinner comes together in under 30 minutes! Check out this nut free pesto recipe.

    Healthy Sesame Chicken is a delicious, healthy dinner! Packed with protein, low in carbs, and gluten free its simple to make & better than takeout!

    Chicken Fajita Casserole is made in one pan with only a few ingredients. A healthy, quick and delicious dinner.

    Healthy Orange Chicken is paleo, gluten free + delicious its one of the best healthy chicken recipes! Made with just a few ingredients, its tasty and easy to make!

    Mediterranean Chicken Orzo is an easy and delicious dinner! Made with simple ingredients, packed with flavor and done in under 30 minutes!

    Greek Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake is an easy, healthy dinner. Dairy free, paleo & made with only a few ingredients. Its simple & delicious!

    Whole30 Chicken Fajitas are the perfect healthy, low carb dinner. Keto, gluten free, and made in under 30 minutes youll love this tasty meal!

    Grilled Chicken With Goat Cheese Sauce

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    Grilled or broiled chicken breasts are made extra-special with a flavorful goat cheese sauce and an optional roasted red pepper puree. The goat cheese sauce is seasoned with parsley and garlic herb seasoning. A truly lip-smacking dish that is excellent with cooked rice and sautéed broccoli.

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    Easy Recipes With Canned Chicken Breast

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    Make dinner in a snap with these quick-and-easy recipes using canned chicken breast. Delicious meals your family will love without the fuss.

    Have you cooked with canned chicken? This economical alternative to fresh chicken is a staple in my pantry because it allows me to prepare a meal for my people with little effort.

    If youre short on time and need to feed your family, then canned chicken is your new best friend. This time saving, budget-friendly protein gives you delicious meal options in just minutes.

    These incredibly easy meal ideas and recipes using canned chicken are sure to please your family.

    What If I Dont Have A Cast Iron

    This is How You Make Perfectly Cooked Chicken Breasts

    If you dont have a cast iron pan, no need to worry. You can use a regular skillet to sear your chicken and when youre ready to cook the breasts, you can transfer them to a foil sheet pan, casserole or an oven-safe baking dish before adding the garlic butter.

    Tip: if you bake your chicken breast in a sheet pan or casserole, add some potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli to make it a one-pan meal.

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    What Can I Make With Chicken

    Published: by Nicky Corbishley

    What can i make with chicken? Looking for inspiration on what to do with that chicken? Look no further! 20 delicious and amazing chicken recipes ideas from a variety of cuisines. Theses something for everyone!

    Good old versatile chicken. It can be served plain and simple or it can effortlessly take buckets of flavour from many different cuisines.

    Sometimes it’s just too easy to fall into the same routines though, and we need a bit of inspiration to mix things up. So today I wanted to share 20 of my favourite chicken recipes.

    We’ve got Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Hawaiian, French, Greek, American and English flavours in there! What’s your favourite? I’d love to know!

    Chart: Chicken Breast Texture And Flavor After Different Amounts Of Time In Brine

    Perfectly seasoned, juicy, tender, noticeable difference in texture and tenderness. See picture below.
    2 hours On the edge of being overly salty, but not off-putting, especially if it will be served with a sauce or other things. Very juicy and tender. The texture is similar to the 1 hour brine.
    4 hours This is too salty for me. It might be okay if mixed with mayonnaise for a chicken salad, but in my opinion, its too salty to be eaten on its own. The texture is significantly different, more like deli meat.
    8 hours I couldnt get through a bite of this, its just too salty, and the texture is almost spongy.

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    Meal Ideas To Make With Canned Chicken

    You can substitute canned chicken in many recipes that call for fresh chicken. Ive used this pantry staple in skillet meals, pasta dishes, soups, salads and casseroles .

    Although these recipes use canned chicken feel free to substitute with rotisserie chicken, meal prep chicken breast or any other cooked chicken you have on hand.

    Tips For Making Stuffed Chicken Breast:

    • Be sure your chicken breasts are on the larger side, and equally sized. If you are feeding light eaters or small people you dont have to serve them each an individual breast. Simply slice the finished dish and divide it up among the plates.
    • Make your pocket as deep as possible without slicing the chicken breast fully in half. The bigger the pocket, the more filling you can stuff in there. Using a very sharp knife makes this task easier to do.
    • Using a toothpick to secure the stuffed chicken breast is optional. Think of it as a grilled cheese sandwichas the stuffed chicken breast cooks, some of the filling may squeeze out, but a little crispy cheese never hurt anyone.

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    Chicken Breast Basics: How To Cook Chicken Breast Simply And Perfectly

    • Recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.
    • Perfectly Poached Chicken. Just what it sounds likea simple, perfect way to poach plain, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. This go-to recipe is ideal for weekend meal prepping!
    • Chicken Piccata. The one and only, classic Italian chicken piccata. Lemony, caper-y, buttery goodness.
    • Creamy Tomato Chicken Skillet Dinner. An easy, cheesy chicken breast supper thats as basic as they come.
    • One-Pan Honey Mustard Chicken.Familiar flavors and a single skillet yield easy chicken dinner perfection.
    • Indian Butter Chicken. Hailing from Delhi, butter chicken is an absolute classicsucculent chicken pieces are simmered in a creamy tomato sauce to make for a cozy meal that everyone will love.

    Baked Chicken Breast Ingredients:

    To make this baked chicken breasts recipe, you will need:

    • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts: You can either purchase fresh chicken breasts or frozen chicken breasts . Some chicken also comes pre-brined nowadays, in which case you can skip step one below.
    • Butter or olive oil: Your pick! I like the extra flavor that butter adds, but olive oil will also work well.
    • Kosher Salt: An essential ingredient in our brine, and we will also use salt to season the chicken before baking.
    • Seasonings: I included an all-purpose blend of smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt and black pepper in the recipe below, which is super-simple and goes with just about anything. But feel free to sub in any dry seasoning blend that you prefer.

    Also, if you bake chicken regularly in the oven, I strongly having a cooking thermometer on hand too. It is the most foolproof way to ensure that your chicken is not over- or under-cooked, and works like a charm. I recommend either this:

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    Why Do You Clean Chicken With Lemon

    There are many reasons why you might choose to clean chicken with lemon. Some people believe that lemon juice helps to remove bacteria and other contaminants from food, while others swear by the antibacterial properties of lemons. Ultimately, its up to your personal preference as to what works best for you and your chickens.

    What Size Chicken Breasts Should I Use

    I Just Found The Best Way to Cook Chicken Breast

    You can use any size chicken breasts you want for air fryer Parmesan chicken breasts. However, cooking time will obviously vary depending on size.

    The recipe calls for 2 pounds of chicken total.

    For this recipe, I used four small-medium chicken breasts that were about 1/2 pound each.

    Many times I will use two large chicken breasts that I get from the butcher counter, weighing about 1 pound each. I slice them in half lengthwise, creating two thinner filets, about 1/2 pound each.

    I prefer to use boneless skinless chicken breasts, but you can experiment with thighs and with skin-on chicken.

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    Is It Better To Bake Or Pan Fry Chicken Breast

    Cooking chicken breast in a hot cast iron pan is easier to cook the chicken breast because you have less chance to overcook it compared to baking it in the oven.

    Baked chicken breast is easy to dry out. Thats why this recipe are made with this delicious garlic butter sauce to make this chicken tender and juicy. The garlic butter sauce is not only amazing on top of your chicken but also on top of your sides like rice, mashed potato or other veggies.

    What To Serve With Chicken Tenders

    Much like any cut of chicken, tenders are neutral enough to go with anything.

    Theyll taste just as good with cheese and BBQ sauce as they would with curry spices or something creamy and cheesy.

    In fact, I already made a list of 16 tasty side dishes for chicken tenders. Here are the highlights:

    • French fries and chicken fingers are as perfect as dinner can be.
    • Nutty pesto sauce will help to liven these little goujons up.
    • Who doesnt love crunchy sweet potato fries?
    • Baked beansprovide a lovely smoky taste and plenty of fiber.

    Of course, you could also serve simple fried chicken tenderloins with sweet chili noodles, egg-fried rice, or fluffy baked potatoes.

    Are you hungry yet? Me too! I think its time we get to the meat of it .

    So, here are 25 of my all-time favorite chicken tenderloin recipes. Let me know which is your favorite!

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    Air Fryer Chicken Breast Cook Times

    Here are approximate cook times for chicken breasts in the air fryer set between 375F and 400F:

    • Smaller or unsliced chicken breasts: Cook for about 10 to 12 minutes total. If you slice them, they will cook faster, but its not absolutely necessary when working with small chicken breasts.
    • Medium-sized sliced chicken breasts: Cook for about 10 to 14 minutes total, flipping once midway through.
    • Larger or thicker sliced chicken breasts: Cook for approximately 11 to 15 minutes. Make sure you slice these big ones!

    Tip: Of course, all air fryers vary in their intensity, size and thickness of chicken varies, as well as climate and so forth so always cook your chicken until its done without worrying about what the clock says!

    Best Chicken Breast Recipes


    Consider for a moment if the dreaded dinnertime conversation went like this: whats for dinner? Chicken breast. Chicken breasts for dinner? YAY!!!. Well, weve rounded up our 60 best chicken breast recipes, all of which are pretty easy, and super delicious. Lets dive in! Here are 60yeah, thats 6-0 easy chicken recipesideas for how to cook chicken breast that are anything but boring!

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